Summer Feet, Reflexology and Shine!

Most people who see me for massage know about my focus on feet and the reflex points that when pressed can relieve pressure/tension in them and throughout the body. Now with summer around the corner you can have feet that shine too! Check out the Urban Beauty Bar this Saturday April 14th with a pedi special!

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The Urban Beauty Bar
3777 Lakeshore Blvd W, Etobicoke, ON

Fabulous Feet

Anyone who comes to see me for a treatment, be it massage, craniosacral therapy or energy work has experienced the attention I pay to their feet. Our feet are easily overlooked as we go about daily activities, that for many of us would not be accomplished if not for these two wonderful appendages. Their importance can not be underestimated as they are our foundation. Absorbing the shock of our movement, they are closely involved in forming the pattern of our gait and posture which has great impact on the health of our musculoskeletal system.

When feet become overworked and muscle fatigued, and are no longer able to absorb and diffuse the daily impact they usually receive then this physical stress will refer up into the body to affect our knees, shins, hips, even spine. Self massage to your feet and foot/ankle strengthening exercises not only pampers your feet but are ways to address this, and hopefully reduce or eliminate any physical discomforts.