About Onyx Uriarte

Onyx is a Registered Massage Therapist with Honours from Kikkawa College. She is a long standing, experienced therapist with a background in energy healing from Celtic and Egyptian traditions. Since 1998, Craniosacral therapy has been a main addition to her practice. Past work in treatment centres with the Creative Arts for healing has given a way for Onyx to reach out to those who are experiencing mental and emotional imbalances. Though her current focus is on Massage Therapy and other body work modalities, Onyx remains committed to the creative process as a vital path to healing, and to really feel alive. Onyx can be reached at 647-269-2769. Her practice has 2 locations; one at Halcyon Health 677 Dupont (at Christie) and downtown at Imprint, 101 Spadina Ave. (just north of King).

Thai Yoga Massage

Thai mats are in the house!! Yes, I have purchased the mats for my new space up at Dupont/Christie and am so looking forward to mixing up my days with some Thai Yoga Massage.

If you never had a Thai massage it is a treat for sore, shorten muscles. This therapy combines yoga and acupressure techniques to stretch you out and release tension.
Lying on a mat remaining dressed in comfy clothes, the receiver is moved into different yoga positions, rocked and kneaded. Stretching helps clear muscles of metabolic wastes while the body overall is relaxed as joint and tendon tension is released. This is a great massage to specifically address lower back pain and many other physical complaints. Sessions are geared to the receiver’s flexibility so one does not need to be flexible to have a treatment. It is like having a yoga workout without the work, and feeling even better afterwards as the practitioner has stretched you out a little more than one can do on their own!
Sessions are usually 90 minutes. Call 647-269-2769 for more details.

Deep tissue work

Your off the table, massage finished.

Feeling like a new person, neck lengthened, maybe a bit of soreness, but now you can move your ear to your shoulder. Overall you are rejuvenated. You’ve just received a massage with some deep tissue work to areas of high tension. The pain you felt down between your shoulders is gone. Trigger points- areas of muscle spasm that restrict oxygen flow to muscle tissue have been released.
With increased blood flow to an area from deep tissue work there is a quicker release of toxins from muscles which then speeds up recovery time between workouts and increases physical mobility. With the flushing of toxins from deep pressure, the muscles relax and there is a lowering of blood pressure.
Relaxed muscles lower blood pressure and this helps to create a more relaxed mind.
Therefore deep pressure work is great for stress relief. And this relief promotes the increase of serotonin in the body- the “happy hormone”.
Today stress is acknowledged as a main source of many illnesses/imbalances within the body-mind. A busy work schedule, extensive traveling schedule or stressful daily lifestyle for whatever reason can be alleviated to a certain extent with a monthly or even bi- monthly massage.
And next time your leaving after a massage with deep tissue work- please do remember to drink more water and keep warm. My elbow waits for the next time!

Fabulous Feet

Anyone who comes to see me for a treatment, be it massage, craniosacral therapy or energy work has experienced the attention I pay to their feet. Our feet are easily overlooked as we go about daily activities, that for many of us would not be accomplished if not for these two wonderful appendages. Their importance can not be underestimated as they are our foundation. Absorbing the shock of our movement, they are closely involved in forming the pattern of our gait and posture which has great impact on the health of our musculoskeletal system.

When feet become overworked and muscle fatigued, and are no longer able to absorb and diffuse the daily impact they usually receive then this physical stress will refer up into the body to affect our knees, shins, hips, even spine. Self massage to your feet and foot/ankle strengthening exercises not only pampers your feet but are ways to address this, and hopefully reduce or eliminate any physical discomforts.

Many times I have spoken to my clients about the detriments of sitting for long hours while working at their desk. Unfortunately all to many people become so engrossed in their work that there are no breaks in their prolonged sedentary position. If you are a client of mine you may have heard me speak of how I see prolonged sitting eventually compromising posture and weakening pelvic floor muscles, which all then leads to a loss of core vitality and aging of the body. This month the Globe and Mail printed a piece on this:

So if you find yourself sitting for an extended period of time you may want to consider what you can do to break up the time you have being sedentary.


The Writing Angel has been whispering in my ear so I’m back.

Have been exploring some interesting healing modalities which I will have to write about.

For today though in the spirit of the season upon us now I thought I would share another song.

The words to this one came very fast and it was a lot of fun to write.  Definitely not about any “Twilight” creatures….
Through the hair of his chest
through the silk on her breast
she felt it- sonic.
Sonic- it takes her there,
to a place where she doesn’t care.
Throw it all away on a dare.
Is it the vibration that carries her?
Is it his heartbeat that calls her here?
In a moonlit glare
teeth sharp, claws bared,
blood in her ears, in the air.
Sonic – she poured herself out in a scream,
this is no dream, this is no fantasy.
She’s broken the barrier
taken her boon.
Sonic, sonic, sonic at last,
sonic, sonic, sonic boom.
                                                          c.  Onyx Uriarte 2009

Path of innocence

The significance of meeting my Writing Angel on the Yongecar stays with me, so here I am. Thought that I would share a song I wrote this past year as it narrates an event involving a childhood friend.  As a child, this experience was overwhelming and in response I moved away from my centre a little bit more.  Writing is a way to come back to myself.

  I am not a musician, but several of my writing pieces this past year have been songs. Sometimes melodies come to me with the words, sometimes they do not. The words to this piece came easy to me, but it was heart wrecking work to write.

Garden Gate
She lost her innocence just past the garden gate.
In a screened in porch,
popcans and cookies artfully
placed on a plate.
She was the lamb
who entered the shower.
Sat on his lap
taken to slaughter.
She was the one blamed for being such a loud mouth.
Smoking an cussing,
showing up late.
While I felt like a coward,
she lost her innocence just past eight.
And I felt it all
outside the gate.
Wondering now if I could have stopped her, but I ran
like a stranger embracing escape.
                                                          c.  Onyx Uriarte 2010
There’s that word again-” innocence” the Writing Angel used it when he said to me that his mermaids and innocence would overcome darkness.
 When I look innocence up in the dictionary it means “free of all evil” or “foolishly trustful”.
When I look to the Mayan divination card  of New Myth (which I recently picked from the deck of cards- nice synchronicity here!) -this card speaks of noticing the metaphors of your daily life as the moments unfold.  To be present to now and creator of your own personal myth- purpose. And that this way of being is the path of trust, the path of innocence.
So what does this return to innocence really look like? Feel like?
I reminded of a surprising occurrence someone close shared with me.
They were in conversation with one of their in- laws- a woman who sometimes does unusual things like phoning to say, ” Don’t ride your motorcycle today”- and the two of them began to talk about me when suddenly she became entranced making a beckoning gesture.  This woman then began to repeat over and over again for me to “come home”.  She sat with these words and gesture for about 30 minutes! ( I did mention she could be unusual)
When I heard this it was so affirming.  Affirming that I am on my way, walking home to myself, everyday….  Walking the mystical path with practical feet– Basque saying.
 This return home as a life process I read in the words of Ted Kaptchuk , author of “The Web That Has No Weaver, ”  –  “Healing is a crucible to encounter the source of our being in worst times; it is our genuine and potentially intact response to chaos, anguish, and suffering… an opportunity to uncover the truth of who we really are….Healing is not something we do only when we are sick; it is part of the process and journey of life”
And so I write….

Believe I met the writing angel last night on the subway home. He was decked out in fluorescent lime green high tops, shorts, outback leather hat and had luggage near by with Nightmare Before Christmas looking dolls hanging off the side. I sat across from him and immediately picked up on the vibe of the woman cramped to the window beside him.  She was politely trying to ignore his talk, but when I sat down I felt his radar turn around to me.  Now some people do the classic no eye contact tactic, which is usually successful, and if there was a hint of aggression  I probably would have opted for that. But clearly here was a man of artistic bent, with a handful of business cards that he was using as sketching paper. And I became his subject from St. Clair Ave. E down to the Yonge St. stop. He was an Chinese man with an English accent, and introduced himself as coming from England as he fiercely sketched my profile. I watched the woman beside him looking over his shoulder to gauge the outcome. Her expression was at once interested, amused and perplexed.  I imagined myself with three eyes. His words came out fast and passionate so I didn’t catch his name, but he spoke of writing movie scripts.  This angel seemed bursting with ideas and talked about needing to write them down immediately so as not to forget them. He stressed this point or at least my brain stressed this point to me and my focus sharpened onto this messenger.  

He then shared the themes he was working on in a script where mermaids would save the earth from humans and innocence would triumph over darkness.  He said it was very serious, but a comedy. He spoke about humans truly in the third person, and then asked me to guess how many woman did he already have now for his movie as mermaids.  

I guessed 20. Higher. 85? Higher- he had 60 I believe he said billion women as mermaids for his movie.  I gave an impressed look and so did the woman behind him as she was still eyeing his sketching progress. I told him I was getting off soon, his fingers then flew faster over the card, and he handed his work to me signed and dated.
It was a good rendition of me with a serene look on my face. I thanked him and we said farewell with the praise of innocence being victorious in its rescue of earth. 
On the bus home I remembered his words and promptly started to write down…lime green high tops…mermaids….England…. What he said I needed to hear.
 I looked down at the business card, the labelled side stated community services. Turning it over I looked again at the image of myself and now noticed the swirl of water below my chin and the fish head popping up to the surface just beneath me. Was I one of his mermaids now? 
I hope so.  

As I sit down to write I am reminded of those letters received around the end of the year that give a summary of the writer’s year. Specifically the ones that ramble on. 

And I think to myself, will I carry on like that?
What is the essence of what I want to express? 
That I am so sad, and yet so happy and grateful to have a friend as good as the one who just recently began her move back to B.C.  Her presence, just doors away from my place for 10 years, has been a real gift in this urban setting.
The idea of her leaving gestated for a year. We spent a lot of time warming up to the idea of her leaving. And I will miss walks in the park, True Blood at her place, potlucks in the torrential rain and making supremely funny faces together.
I admire her consistent plugging away at all the necessary details to haul herself and her dog up and out of T.O. in her packed up car.  And I admire her reasons for moving out West.
When walking down the street now to Garden Fresh Supermarket (what we call Not So Fresh) I find myself looking up to the darken windows of her recently vacated apartment.  Her leaving has me thinking about where I am at with Good byes- but look, I’ve been texted- she’s just outside Regina now.

I remember a long ago friend speaking about initiation as walking through the fire till all the soft bits are burnt off. The purification of a habit or belief- of some outworn yet still clinging lived pattern- this process to become more conscious can feel like that fire.  Though I’d like to keep some of the ‘soft bits’ in the wake of it. LOL

For me, this walk has meant holding the paradoxes within myself- feminine/masculine, dependent/independent, ugly/beautiful, spiritual/physical, love/hate, judgemental/non-judgemental…. And giving them space to be.  Holding them both. To show me where I am on the line between, and where I could go.
Healing, I believe brings one to a threshold, a place where initiation to a new state of being can take place.  Back in January 2010,  I was lying on the step in front of this threshold. Literally, lying down on a step at Good Life Fitness of all places. Just waiting for a group exercise class to start. And suddenly I’m looking up into the eyes of a modern day Joan of Arc-burning eyes filled with visions- “You’re going to be going through an initiation.”
I glibly replied that this sounded great. 
 Seriously, this can’t be happening to me at Good Life Fitness?!  I signed a contract to just change my physical body….didn’t I ?
Joking aside, at the time the words did ring true to me, and I have total respect for the messenger. We since have participated together in Native healing sweats.  (In time I ‘ll back track to experiences of Native shamanic healing).
Since last January I’ve come now to believe that writing is my initiation. I feel like it is activating an aspect of myself that I have not lived out yet.  So I am in the fire, or perhaps the ocean.  Nebulous again.
The gain of a greater sense of who I am- the synergy created from a reconnection to my self- at a higher level with a greater internal balance is worth the ride.

Before I continue down the proverbial rabbit hole any further I have to admit that writing this blog has me feeling vulnerable, unbelievably so.  I understand that the drive that compels me to follow this form of expression is leading me to ask questions of myself.  What is this drive about? 

Right now I feel it is demanding me to define myself more, which can only be helpful as in the past I have tended to be a bit too nebulous.  “A bit”, is that being nebulous?! Aggghhhh.

Now I am reminded of a wonderful quote by Rilke:
” i beg you…to have patience with everything unresolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves as if they were locked rooms or books written in a very foreign language. don’t search for the answers, which could not be given you now, because you would not be able to live them. and the point is, to live everything. live the questions now. perhaps then, someday far in the future, you will gradually, without ever noticing it, live your way into the answer…”
Ok, so I let go of my hold on this root here to slide down into the darkness of the rabbit hole. In the darkness the word synergy flashes bright.  Synergy- the union of two or more principles, qualities that when combined, can create a greater whole. 
Synergy- why did I choose this word as the name for the healing work I give and receive? 
Long, convoluted story, so I imagine the words will come to me to give it shape, that definition that is being evoked by the blog master ( blog master- that inner task master in my head?)