Being in Love even when it’s stormy


It has been almost a week now since my return from a silent retreat in Calgary. I continue to study yoga nidra and being on the retreat deepened my understanding and connection to this practice. Nearing the end of the retreat news of the pending catastrophic storm was conveyed, as some of us, myself included, would need to have knowledge of this in regards to being able to catch a flight home.  As it turned out my flight home on Halloween night was not delayed by the storm.  On the plane I sat thinking about what the coast line was enduring and attempted to began to return to the blissful state of interconnectedness that I had been experiencing for a week. I was taken aback by my feeling so connected to what was going on the east coast.  And here is a poem that I believe sums up my thoughts around this.

The Mind of Love


“Today I love the world. Last week it was a vile place, broken, beyond repair.  And my mind reached out in all directions, like a spiders spindly legs to mend and weave and fill the empty spaces, until falling, exhausted dangling by a single thread, discouraged and utterly humiliated that I couldn’t mend the fissures, that I ever thought I could.


Today I love the world, the faces on the street, the wind and chill.  Pausing to look through dark bare branches, reaching out in all directions against the vast bright blue.

Soon buds and leaves will fill the empty spaces. In this mind of love the fissures mend themselves. ”          S. Salzberg



Yes holding love, sitting in love does wonders for ones’ mind.