Hummingbird Stillness

Have you ever seen a hummingbird still?

Arriving at the Albany airport today waiting for my flight to N.Y. I placed my baggage down near a window to sit for a moment. On the other side of the glass sat a ruby throated hummingbird. It remained there for a good 10 minutes as I “oh ahhh” along with the baggage attendant at such a remarkable sight. ¬†Eventually, a sparrow flew by sending the hummingbird into flight.

Such a beautiful sight, and it seemed like an appropriate send off for me as I have just come out of a deeply moving and inspirational meditation retreat at Kripalu. Hummingbirds have a special meaning around living a joyful life, and they also surprisingly have a psychopomp attribute given to them much like ravens. In some stories it is the hummingbird who comes to the dying and hums in their ear, assisting in the transition from life to death.  Two very opposite meanings here which again goes back to the meditation training I just received. The focus was on being with the opposites that arise in our consciousness. Opposite feelings, thoughts, beliefs. Being in joy. Being with change. Just being. It was all and It is all so very beautiful.

Animal messengers are in our lives all the time. Blessings to you and to your animal messengers.