Yoga Nidra Meditation

Oh yeah!  I will be breathing in really fresh air in 2 days as I will be on a retreat, mountainside in the Berkshires. This is my first visit to Kripalu, a center for yoga and health. I’m really looking forward to this retreat where I’ll be studying yoga nidra meditation. The recent blog focus on breathing has lead me nicely to the awaiting yoga mat.

“Without full awareness of breathing, there can be no development of meditative stability and understanding”.                                  – Thjch Nhat Hanh

Yoga nidra means “yogic sleep’ or divine sleep.  Sleep yourself to enlightenment. Sign me up!  Okay, it’s not sleep as we know it in bed. Rather it is a relaxation of the body into a slumber while the mind enters a meditative awareness. So with the body asleep, mind awake, one can observe deeply ingrained negative beliefs and habit patterns, and in doing so can then choose to release identifying with them.

At this point as I write I’ll be happy to just truly not fall totally asleep!