Summer Feet, Reflexology and Shine!

Most people who see me for massage know about my focus on feet and the reflex points that when pressed can relieve pressure/tension in them and throughout the body. Now with summer around the corner you can have feet that shine too! Check out the Urban Beauty Bar this Saturday April 14th with a pedi special!

Contact Nina Borges at or call 647-232-6826

The Urban Beauty Bar
3777 Lakeshore Blvd W, Etobicoke, ON

Aboard wordpress!

Happy to be in new digs here at wordpress. The make over was navigated by Trish Cassling, who I consider to be a Social Media Specialist. Check out Trish’s blog below (dem0na) to read about the interesting sights and event happenings at the Toronto Botanical Gardens and around Toronto. And thanks again Trish for your assistance!