Transformation of Inflammation

There’s been quite a lot of talk about this year, 2012, and how it has powerful potential for bringing transformation into our lives. With this in mind I look to how I am noticing in my practice that some of my clients, who I have known for several years, are now making healthy choices to aim for a more balanced lifestyle.

One of the positive choices I am seeing is a focus on reducing inflammation in the body. Inflammation creates such a painful burden on the physical body. The negative effects created by inflammation is experienced in the body as cellular imbalances, disintegration and pain. And these physical effects on the body can ripple out to impact all levels of being.
Eliminating foods that cause inflammation is one way to curb this impact. Foods that cause inflammation promote a more acidic body environment. Balancing out the body’s pH so that the body is overall in a more alkaline state is important to avoid the ravages of an acidic environment. By drinking more water and reducing/avoiding foods that cause inflammation the body can begin to balance out.
Foods that cause or worsen inflammation ( you guessed it they are the ones we tend to love):
-fried foods
-meat (not fish)
-processed, packaged foods
-white sugar
-salt ( use Celtic sea salt instead )
-synthetic sweeteners
-dairy products
-wheat products
Including fiber and healthy snacks between meals will also help to balance blood sugar levels and conversely help to reduce inflammation.
Foods to consume more of are dark greens like spinach and omega 3 fats found in flaxseed oil, walnuts and some fatty fish would be beneficial. Omega 3’s actually help to decrease inflammation and pain in the body. Another excellent choice to decrease inflammation and pain is to eat more berries. Blueberries, raspberries, and sweet cherries along with other berries are all good inflammation fighters.
For further education and guidance seeing a naturopath doctor is a great way to help oneself set out on the path of making healthier choices in 2012.
Addressing stress levels on a more mental, emotional level is also important to keep the physical body calm. Stress management exercises like yoga, breathing, and meditation will further help to relax the body.
I believe that when choices are made to reduce physical inflammation that this has a positive domino effect in one’s life that can lead towards a wholistic transformation.

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