Thai Yoga Massage

Thai mats are in the house!! Yes, I have purchased the mats for my new space up at Dupont/Christie and am so looking forward to mixing up my days with some Thai Yoga Massage.

If you never had a Thai massage it is a treat for sore, shorten muscles. This therapy combines yoga and acupressure techniques to stretch you out and release tension.
Lying on a mat remaining dressed in comfy clothes, the receiver is moved into different yoga positions, rocked and kneaded. Stretching helps clear muscles of metabolic wastes while the body overall is relaxed as joint and tendon tension is released. This is a great massage to specifically address lower back pain and many other physical complaints. Sessions are geared to the receiver’s flexibility so one does not need to be flexible to have a treatment. It is like having a yoga workout without the work, and feeling even better afterwards as the practitioner has stretched you out a little more than one can do on their own!
Sessions are usually 90 minutes. Call 647-269-2769 for more details.

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