Deep tissue work

Your off the table, massage finished.

Feeling like a new person, neck lengthened, maybe a bit of soreness, but now you can move your ear to your shoulder. Overall you are rejuvenated. You’ve just received a massage with some deep tissue work to areas of high tension. The pain you felt down between your shoulders is gone. Trigger points- areas of muscle spasm that restrict oxygen flow to muscle tissue have been released.
With increased blood flow to an area from deep tissue work there is a quicker release of toxins from muscles which then speeds up recovery time between workouts and increases physical mobility. With the flushing of toxins from deep pressure, the muscles relax and there is a lowering of blood pressure.
Relaxed muscles lower blood pressure and this helps to create a more relaxed mind.
Therefore deep pressure work is great for stress relief. And this relief promotes the increase of serotonin in the body- the “happy hormone”.
Today stress is acknowledged as a main source of many illnesses/imbalances within the body-mind. A busy work schedule, extensive traveling schedule or stressful daily lifestyle for whatever reason can be alleviated to a certain extent with a monthly or even bi- monthly massage.
And next time your leaving after a massage with deep tissue work- please do remember to drink more water and keep warm. My elbow waits for the next time!