The Writing Angel has been whispering in my ear so I’m back.

Have been exploring some interesting healing modalities which I will have to write about.

For today though in the spirit of the season upon us now I thought I would share another song.

The words to this one came very fast and it was a lot of fun to write.  Definitely not about any “Twilight” creatures….
Through the hair of his chest
through the silk on her breast
she felt it- sonic.
Sonic- it takes her there,
to a place where she doesn’t care.
Throw it all away on a dare.
Is it the vibration that carries her?
Is it his heartbeat that calls her here?
In a moonlit glare
teeth sharp, claws bared,
blood in her ears, in the air.
Sonic – she poured herself out in a scream,
this is no dream, this is no fantasy.
She’s broken the barrier
taken her boon.
Sonic, sonic, sonic at last,
sonic, sonic, sonic boom.
                                                          c.  Onyx Uriarte 2009