While walking down the Danforth I came upon two identical sculptures that combined the head and upper body of a lion with the tail of a fish.  This brought to mind the alchemy of bringing polar opposites together to forge the inner gold of our highest Self.  The moment felt synchronous as I had just decided to name my work Synergy Healing.

 Walking contradiction that I can be, I have for many years been like a fish in a spiral swim, up and down into shallow and deeper waters.  Sometimes swimming can get exhausting, so I have learned to float.  Floating…… back crawl, breast stroke, treading water!…..floating again. 
 These times are intense and I am one traveller welcoming others to engage in a dialogue on healing.  So to avoid a continuous blog monologue I will at times interview others on- What are your healing experiences? What is healing? What heals?
 And other topics like Tesla sex (your best- electric- really none of my business- but sometimes its fun to swim in the undertow to see where it goes!)  
I joke, but we are so multi- faceted that what heals could fall into a wide range, from modalities specifically intended to heal like energy work or massage to the creative arts and sexual energy.  And so much more I imagine…..